Miss S Boudoir Session

Miss S came into my studio, nervous, but with a gung-ho spirit to show herself in a different light. It’s not everyday that we ladies bare ourselves in front of the camera for boudoir photos, and I wanted to make sure that everyone that comes in front of my camera is relaxed and comfortable. So we put on some music, put on the heater (or in this case, the air conditioner, as it was the middle of summer), and chatted about girls stuff.

My boudoir sessions are not risqué. They’re more flirty and, I’d like to think, authentic. As if you’d just woken up on a Sunday morning with your loved one next to you.


Carly’s Home Family Portraits Session

Dallas Family Portrait Photographer

It’s always a pleasure meeting new families and having the honor of documenting a new milestone in their lives. This time around, I got to meet Carly, Joe, and Zuly (how cute of a name is that?!), along with their adorable and energetic dog Ceasar. There was a lot happening in their lives. First, they had just bought their first home, and they wanted to document the space before officially moving in. Second, Zuly was about to have a new sibling!

Carly was adamant that, to be fair to both the kids, she didn’t want any individual maternity portraits because she missed doing those with Zuly. But after coaxing her just a bit, we took a few towards the end just in case. Trust me, it’s better to do them than regret to not do any photos at all! I love doing home family sessions and this one was no exception.

Dallas Family Portrait Photographer


Kristina and Brandon’s San Francisco Engagement Portraits

Palace of Fine Arts Engagement PortraitRight off the bat, Kristina and Brandon’s chemistry was strong. She is the talker, and he is the quiet one. She knew what she wanted, and he went with the flow. It was adorable to witness how well they worked as a couple – his yin to her yang.

As residents of San Diego, they decided to take a trip to San Francisco for their engagement portraits. We made two stops – one at the Palace of Fine Arts and one at Muir Woods. Both locations were just stunning, and they looked amazing in both!

I seriously can’t wait to shoot their Palm Springs wedding next month!


Leo and Tere’s Surprise Anniversary Backyard Party


As a fairly newly married woman myself, I always imagine that my marriage would last for years and years, until my husband Joseph and I are both old and graying, with hairs growing out of our ears and we’re telling the young whippersnappers to get off our lawns. Seeing the love between Leo and Tere who just celebrated forty years of being married, makes me look forward to one day celebrating our own fortieth anniversary.

It is always an honor when a client loves your work so much that she actually moves the event date to accommodate around your schedule! And it happened for Leo and Tere’s surprise party! I have to say, I’ve never been more flattered *blushes*. Also, you may have seen this backyard recently before, and that’s because I had photographed Natalia’s first birthday party a couple of months prior. It was so nice to also see so many familiar faces.


Annie and Jason’s Ocean View Golf Course Wedding


Ever since photographing their Malibu beach engagement session and witnessing their adorable chemistry, I was absolutely excited to document their golf course wedding that overlooked the Pacific ocean. Having moved to Texas recently and being nowhere near the ocean, I inhaled the salty air with nothing but fond memories. Both got ready at the Courtyard Marriott in Torrance and traveled to the beautiful Rancho Palos Verdes Golf Course for their wedding ceremony and reception.

Without fail, there were moments where I was close to tears and there were moments where there was definitely something in my eye. Both times occurred during the vows (I wasn’t alone in this – caught some of the bridesmaids and groomsmen shedding tears as well!) and the toasts. These guys were hilarious, and they were surrounded by hilarious friends and family. Oh, and their bridal portraits overlooking the ocean during sunset is just stunning!!!

Dallas Wedding Photographer


Norma and Jose’s Engagement Portraits at Torrey Pines

San Diego Engagement Portrait Session


Norma and Jose initially contacted me earlier this year about their Spring 2019 wedding. I could tell they were really excited to get the ball rolling with their wedding plans. We scheduled their engagement session for August, but before the session, I received two amazing emails from them. The first was announcing that they are pregnant and I was the first to hear about it! To say that I was very honored is an understatement. The second was announcing that they had a civil ceremony and are now newlyweds! Oh, what joys they must be feeling right now.

I tell you this because it explains a lot about the photos featured in this post. Norma and Jose’s first outfit is what they wore to their civil ceremony. How gorgeous is her tulle dress! The second outfit is a beautiful burgundy dress that accentuates Norma baby bump and makes her pop against the amazing San Diego coastline. By the way, apparently the baby is set to be born on Christmas! And if that happens, he/she and I will be sharing the same birthday!

San Diego Maternity Portrait


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