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Rebecca and Brett’s DTLA Engagement Portraits

Los Angeles engagement portrait photographer


As a couple of adventurers, Brett and Rebecca wanted to have their engagement session in downtown Los Angeles, in spots that showed a bit more of the culture of the city. It was a location that stayed true to their wanderlust nature (they spent their past Christmas holidays in the Sarengeti!). They knew so much about LA itself that it made me question whether I personally lived in the city as well, haha.

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Christine & Abdul’s DTLA Engagement

Los Angeles River Engagement PortraitlocationLOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I met up with Christine and Abdul in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles to photograph their engagement session. They wanted an urban setting and DTLA became the perfect backdrop. With large pink and white balloons in tow, we wandered the streets aimlessly and found so many little areas within a few short blocks.

It’s always a pleasure meeting couples that met online, as that is how I met my fiance, and hearing the story of how Christine met Abdul through a community website that he started warms my heart. She has such a gentle personality and he a can-do attitude, photographing these two for their DTLA engagement portraits was so effortless. I can’t wait to document their wedding in a few months!

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Alex and Lucia’s Engagement Portraits Around Town

Los Angeles Same Sex Engagement Session


With El Nino looming in the air, I was excited to find that the day we were shooting Alex and Lucia’s engagement portraits, the weather was beautifully crisp and clear. We started the session in a quiet park overlooking downtown Los Angeles that I never knew about!

The last time I saw these two were in the summer of last year, so it was really nice to see them again, all dolled up and ready for the camera, haha. But seriously, how photogenic do these ladies look?! They also brought their adorable English Pug in his cute bow-tie with them to the shoot. Ah, I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in a few months!

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Karina and Misa’s Engagement Portraits in Julian

PaperBanPhotography_SanDiegoEngagement_KarinaMisa_004locationJULIAN, CALIFORNIA

It’s a beautiful thing when a friendship blossoms into an intimate relationship, which is what happened with the lovely Karina and her beau Misa. From spending a few hours with them while photographing their engagement session, I can say that their relationship is funny, quirky, dorky, and lovable, and it was a real treat to capture the affections they have for each other.

It’s strange to think that at one point in life, Karina and I were once high school classmates and had the same history class together. Or that, through a mutual friend, we ended up attending a Japanese pop concert in Los Angeles together. Or, even stranger, Misa and I went to the same middle school! And soon, years later, I will get the honor of capturing their wedding. I can’t wait!



Justin and Saba at Long Beach Lighthouse

PaperBanPhotography_LosAngelesEngagementPhotographer_JustinSaba_03locationLONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA

On a busy weekend day, I met up with Justin and Saba in downtown Long Beach to photograph their engagement session. I have only been to that area once, a long time ago, so when they mentioned they wanted photos with the lighthouse, I was surprised there even was a lighthouse in L.A. county!

Just as if in a movie, Saba, originally from Vancouver but then lived in Orange County, and Justin met briefly in his L.A. apartment building complex elevator, and ended up bumping into each other at a nearby bar, when sparks started to fly. It’s stories like this that makes me believe fate is real.



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