Couples Portraits

Carla and Andrew

Los Angeles Couples Engagement Portrait Photographer


If you’ve ever seen any high school movies, you’ll know that transferring to a new high school is not the easiest thing to do. Unknown territory. And the best way to overcome that obstacle is if you knew someone from that school.

When Andrew was faced with going to a new school during his Junior year in high school, he did just that. He sought out a friend that would guide him, which is where Carla came in. What she didn’t know was that it was all a pick-up line.

Oh Andrew – you, sly, you!

Now, after six years together and being true high school sweethearts, Andrew and Carla are preparing for the next milestone in their life. They’re engaged! Oh, I had so much fun photographing their engagement and I can’t wait to document your wedding later this year!

Los Angeles Couples Engagement Portrait Photographer


Tynesha and Eddie

Hermosa Beach Engagement Photographer


A minute after meeting up with Tynesha and Eddie for an engagement session at Hermosa Beach, I could already feel the chemistry. They bantered constantly and frivolously, which clearly made for great photos! I love going to the beach on weekdays, of all the days. The beaches are quiet and private for the most part, leaving this happily engaged couple to cuddle in their own lovely world. Especially in Los Angeles, where there is an abundance amount of people, it’s amazing how going on a weekday versus a weekend changes the ambient of the beach so drastically!

Tynesha and Eddie, I can’t wait to photograph your wedding!

Hermosa Beach Engagement Photographer

Dee and Jonathan

Los Angeles Engagement Portrait Photographer


For a couple who thinks they don’t photograph well, Dee and Jonathan look amazing in these! We went to El Matador Beach in Malibu, which turned out to be a hot-spot for photographers. We soon understood why – the scenery was breathtaking. Huge cliffs met the sandy beach, with various sized rocks scattered on the shore.

Dee and Jonathan were such troopers during the session, as we had to hike up and down the steep cliff a few times as well as step into the icy-cold water for a few minutes. But they are the kind of couple that are adventurous and I ended up being the one that was out of breath at the end of the session!

Dee and Jonathan, I can’t wait to photograph your wedding in April!

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Ivy and Trent

Los Angeles Couples Portrait Photographer



It was a gloomy day in Venice Beach (side note: it seems almost every time I head out to the beach, it’s gloomy!) and not many people were frolicking in the sand. No worries, as this was perfect for our shoot with Ivy and Trent as we basically had the beach to ourselves!

Ivy and Trent met online through a dating website. Neither of them were originally from Los Angeles. After living here for a while, they both decided they wanted to meet other people and created their online profiles. Month after this decision, our couples photo session occurred, haha.

Thank you, Ivy and Trent, for having me as your couples photographer

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Claudia and Mark

Los Angeles Engagement Portrait Photographer


I’ve been corresponding on and off with Claudia since around the time that I started Paper Ban Photography this summer. Basically, she’s seen my progression and has been so supportive about it.

I was finally able to meet her and her fiance Mark this past Saturday over at a park in Whittier. She was as lovely and sweet as I expected her to be! Mark is lucky to have her! They’ve been engaged for a year, and have the wedding date set for some time next fall. They’re such a gorgeous and heart-warming couple!

Like I said, we went to a park to photograph their engagement session. Claudia thought that since their wedding is a fall wedding, it would be best to have their engagement photos reflect the season as well. I couldn’t agree more, as the fall leaves, with colors of gold and auburn, created a dreamy and surreal backdrops for this set of images.

Claudia and Mark, thank you for having me as your engagement photographer and I look forward to further photograph your wedding!

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