Family Portraits

Henry’s Newborn Family Portraits

Dallas Family Photographer

It hasn’t been that long since Jack had his baptism and yet, in just two years, he seemed so much bigger! I had the pleasure of photographing their family recently as they have a new addition – baby Henry! Henry was such a peaceful little one throughout the session, and even looked more adorable wearing his knitted gray crown.

Also, if you’re someone who loves interior design and spends their time binging HGTV like me, their home is something to admire. When I asked about a few stand-out pieces, they said that they thrifted it and just fixed it up a bit! I’m sure my husband would love if I followed them on thrifting a bit more, haha.

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The P Family’s Portrait Session at the Park

It seems like these days, the concept of time passes me through seeing how much my client’s grow the next time I see them. It has been a few years since I photographed the P family – first when Nathan and Marissa’s wedding, and then for Teddy’s first birthday, and now for Ollie’s first birthday! This family is growing, and it’s beautiful to catch up to be a part of it.


Carly’s Home Family Portraits Session

Dallas Family Portrait Photographer

It’s always a pleasure meeting new families and having the honor of documenting a new milestone in their lives. This time around, I got to meet Carly, Joe, and Zuly (how cute of a name is that?!), along with their adorable and energetic dog Ceasar. There was a lot happening in their lives. First, they had just bought their first home, and they wanted to document the space before officially moving in. Second, Zuly was about to have a new sibling!

Carly was adamant that, to be fair to both the kids, she didn’t want any individual maternity portraits because she missed doing those with Zuly. But after coaxing her just a bit, we took a few towards the end just in case. Trust me, it’s better to do them than regret to not do any photos at all! I love doing home family sessions and this one was no exception.

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Rachell and Arabella’s Milk Bath Portraits

Dallas milk bath


Just a few months ago, Rachell, Jonathan, and I went out to Malibu on a particularly windy day to take their maternity portraits. Fast forward to the present, and they made their way to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where I got to meet the very adorable Arabella! I mean, just look at those cheeks! And can I just say that I hope she inherits Rachell’s beautiful freckles?!

We spoke about doing a milk bath for their semi-newborn portrait session (Arabella is almost two months), I am so happy that we were able to make that happen. I absolutely love the dark lace dress that Rachell wore to contrast the milky white water and the soft pastel florals, as it also accentuates Arabella in so many ways.

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Rachell and Jonathan’s Maternity Portraits in Malibu

dallas maternity portraits photographerLOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA

Among my group of close friends, Rachell and Jonathan are the first to get pregnant, and judging by these photos, parenthood looks really good on them! For the longest time, Rachell would tell me how much she wanted to start a family, and I’m so excited she finally got her wish.

We photographed their maternity portraits on a Malibu beach where the glow of the sunset just helped in radiating their inner glow in becoming parents. By the way, as of posting this blog post, they have given birth to their adorable daughter Arabella! I will be posting their newborn milk bath portraits very soon (I may have posted a couple of images already on instagram, hehe).

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Aaron’s Newborn Portrait at Home


One of my first few weddings that I had photographed were these guys – Carla and Andrew. They are pure sweethearts! To see them years later, and now with the addition of a new family member, little Aaron, I am in awe and honored to be able to capture these special moments in their home. It’s always surreal to me to be around newborns. They’re just so tiny! And it’s only a short matter of time before they become full-fledged people.


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