Family Portraits

Ivy and Trent

Los Angeles Couples Portrait Photographer



It was a gloomy day in Venice Beach (side note: it seems almost every time I head out to the beach, it’s gloomy!) and not many people were frolicking in the sand. No worries, as this was perfect for our shoot with Ivy and Trent as we basically had the beach to ourselves!

Ivy and Trent met online through a dating website. Neither of them were originally from Los Angeles. After living here for a while, they both decided they wanted to meet other people and created their online profiles. Month after this decision, our couples photo session occurred, haha.

Thank you, Ivy and Trent, for having me as your couples photographer

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The Brunsvold-Frazier Family

Los Angeles Family Portrait Photographer


Earlier this week, I met up with Jillian and her family, Adam and Josiah, at CalTech to do a family session. They were a great family to photograph (as you can tell from the photos!) and Josiah was such a cute little baby! Whenever he smiled, his cheeks would get so round and puffy – it was adorable!

Oddly enough, even though we started the session at 3pm, the sun started to disappear behind the buildings within fifteen minutes or so. Thankfully though, we were able to capture some sunset-backlit photos before it completely went down.

Thank you, Jillian, Adam and Josiah for allowing me to photograph your family’s holiday session. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

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Mariflor and Jeffrey



When Mariflor contacted me for a holiday session with her husband, Jeffrey, at Venice Beach, I was excited. But it wasn’t until we met up that I learned there was an addition to the family on the way! Since she is currently in her first trimester, Mariflor thought it would be a great idea to combine her holiday greetings with this big announcement, and I couldn’t agree more!

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Los Angeles Newborn Photographer


You might have remembered the maternity session with Nicole and Jeremy at the end of September. Ever since, I was so excited to take his photos, which would make him my first newborn client. Well, I finally met newborn baby Parker!

He was nine days old as of yesterday when I took these photos, and he is such a cute little baby. It took quite a while to get him to sleep, even after lots of feeding, but he was a warrior and just kept fighting Sleep. Nonetheless, we took tons of adorable photos.

Thank you, Nicole and Jeremy, for having me as Parker’s newborn portraits photographer!

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