Thea’s Headshots

Los Angeles Blogger Headshot Photographer


Being in front of the camera can sometimes be nerve-racking. Even I, who is constantly around a camera (since I’m, you know, a photographer) feel somewhat less confident as soon as I am faced with one pointing in my direction.

Thea, writer of the introvert-oriented blog Introvertology, requested a headshots portrait session for her blog. Here are some of her chosen images. I love the navy lace dress that she chose for this session!

Los Angeles Blogger Headshot Photographer


Los Angeles Outdoor Headshot Photographer



I don’t share this with many people, mainly because it doesn’t really come up, but how I met my Joseph, my boyfriend of 2.5 years now, was through an online dating site. Holy crow, I can’t believe it’s been that long, and I’m so glad there was even an online platform for us to meet, as I’m sure we would have never met otherwise.

I tell you this brief random tidbit because Sheena, the beautiful lady that I photographed, contacted me in need of headshots for a new online dating website. Because of how much an online dating website had done for me personally, I was more than excited to help Sheena with her new dating business as much as I could.

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