The biggest compliment I can get as a photographer is being hired multiple times to photograph a client. Over the course of starting Paper Ban Photography, (I believe it’s been just over three years now!), I’ve had the chance to photograph Joelle’s newborn photos and her first year with her family, and now again, as she is two years old, smiling and running around with her brother and sister.

It’s crazy that the little ones still remember me when I showed up! They were excited to see me and wanted me to take photos of them playing and jumping, and being on top of their playhouse, haha. Simona, the older sister, came up to me and said that she didn’t feel lonely at school because she was able to bring one of the photos I took with her. That melted my heart.

PaperBanPhotography_FamilyPhotographer_20Los Angeles Family PhotographerLos Angeles Family PhotographerPaperBanPhotography_FamilyPhotographer_03PaperBanPhotography_FamilyPhotographer_04Los Angeles Family Photographer Los Angeles Family Photographer PaperBanPhotography_FamilyPhotographer_07 PaperBanPhotography_FamilyPhotographer_08 Los Angeles Family Photographer PaperBanPhotography_FamilyPhotographer_10 PaperBanPhotography_FamilyPhotographer_11 PaperBanPhotography_FamilyPhotographer_12 PaperBanPhotography_FamilyPhotographer_13 PaperBanPhotography_FamilyPhotographer_14 PaperBanPhotography_FamilyPhotographer_15 PaperBanPhotography_FamilyPhotographer_16 PaperBanPhotography_FamilyPhotographer_17 PaperBanPhotography_FamilyPhotographer_18 Los Angeles Family Photographer PaperBanPhotography_FamilyPhotographer_20 PaperBanPhotography_FamilyPhotographer_21 PaperBanPhotography_FamilyPhotographer_22

Besmer family, thank you so much for having me as your Los Angeles family photographer!

If you are in need of a photographer to capture your family portraits, let’s get in touch!

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