2013 marks Paper Ban Photography’s first full year as a business and boy, was it tough at times! All the little details started to add up and nothing was like before, where photography was my main focus. Instead my schedule included more marketing, online photography seminars, and business books more than anything else!

However, 2013 became the year that I learned so much more about myself as a business owner. As the days passed by this year, little things were continuously being changed in order to accommodate my clients’ needs better. This included how I presented their online gallery, how I deliver their photos, how to designed my website, what to include in session packages, etc.


2013 was also where I learned more about myself as a photographer – the shots that I gravitate towards more, the editing process my images tend to have, the mood my images have. I continuously strive to provide memorable images to my clients and with that, have spent countless hours improving the craft through workshops and from every session. I am so happy with the progress in my images since the beginning of this year, and I cannot wait to continue to progress in the upcoming year!


Looking back at my 2012 year in review, my new year resolutions somewhat fell short during 2013, and I regret that. But with time, we become wiser, right? But seriously, irregardless of 2013’s new years resolution fail, so many milestones has been crossed, including – 1. being trusted to photograph James Cameron, 2. photographing weddings when I never thought I would, 3. being part of a bridal expo, 4. being offered an internship at a fashion company, 5. surviving my first year as a business.

With all that said, perhaps 2014 is the year that I actually keep my resolution promise. So here they are:

  1. Keep up with social media – instagram, and facebook
  2. Create at least one new personal work each month
  3. Have a studio to call my own
  4. Be more consistent in blogging
  5. Focus on portrait photography

2013 has been a big year for Paper Ban Photography; I look forward to its future. Thank you so much for trusting me to capture you in your beautiful light!

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