Mateo’s First Birthday

One Year Birthday Party Photographer


One year ago, I photographed little Mateo being delivered into this world. Now, he’s all grown up! Celebrating his one year birthday with close friends and family members at a park in Monterey Park, Mateo dressed up in an adorable onesies with a bow-tie and a golfer’s hat – dapper as always!

There were more than family and friends at the birthday party, however, as members of Yo Gabba Gabba stopped by to wish Mateo a happy birthday as well! Everyone seemed to have had such a great time, especially when it came to hitting the piñatas for the candy rain to occur.

Mateo, thank you for having me as your one-year birthday photographer!

One Year Birthday Party Photographer



Los Angeles Birthday Events Photographer


During a clear and bright day in Southern California, a little girl name Perry celebrated her 1 year birthday. It was a celebration that graduated her from the year of being a baby into her next stage in life – being a toddler.

The birthday celebration took place in her backyard that overlooked the Pasadena neighborhood. Perry was dressed in a cute floral outfit as she enjoyed the party, until it was time for business. In the Korean tradition, when a baby turns one, they ‘choose their future’, meaning they are placed on a mat with several objects in front of them, each symbolizing a different career. Perry, now in her adorable traditional Korean dress, crawled towards the ruler.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, a future architect! Thank you, Perry, for having me as your one-year birthday photographer!

Los Angeles Birthday Events Photographer


Mariflor and Jeffrey



When Mariflor contacted me for a holiday session with her husband, Jeffrey, at Venice Beach, I was excited. But it wasn’t until we met up that I learned there was an addition to the family on the way! Since she is currently in her first trimester, Mariflor thought it would be a great idea to combine her holiday greetings with this big announcement, and I couldn’t agree more!

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