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Henry’s Newborn Family Portraits

Dallas Family Photographer

It hasn’t been that long since Jack had his baptism and yet, in just two years, he seemed so much bigger! I had the pleasure of photographing their family recently as they have a new addition – baby Henry! Henry was such a peaceful little one throughout the session, and even looked more adorable wearing his knitted gray crown.

Also, if you’re someone who loves interior design and spends their time binging HGTV like me, their home is something to admire. When I asked about a few stand-out pieces, they said that they thrifted it and just fixed it up a bit! I’m sure my husband would love if I followed them on thrifting a bit more, haha.

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The P Family’s Portrait Session at the Park

It seems like these days, the concept of time passes me through seeing how much my client’s grow the next time I see them. It has been a few years since I photographed the P family – first when Nathan and Marissa’s wedding, and then for Teddy’s first birthday, and now for Ollie’s first birthday! This family is growing, and it’s beautiful to catch up to be a part of it.


Jack’s First Backyard Birthday Party

Backyard Birthday PartylocationLOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA

In a quiet beautiful mid-century home in LA, Jack had his first Backyard Birthday Party and it was an intimate affair with close friends in attendance. Soon enough, though, the party was “raising the tent” as everyone gathered under the outdoor tent, singing some fun songs, shaking some instruments, and playing with some bubbles. Ah, to be one again.

Backyard Birthday Party


The Besmer Family In Their Home



The biggest compliment I can get as a photographer is being hired multiple times to photograph a client. Over the course of starting Paper Ban Photography, (I believe it’s been just over three years now!), I’ve had the chance to photograph Joelle’s newborn photos and her first year with her family, and now again, as she is two years old, smiling and running around with her brother and sister.

It’s crazy that the little ones still remember me when I showed up! They were excited to see me and wanted me to take photos of them playing and jumping, and being on top of their playhouse, haha. Simona, the older sister, came up to me and said that she didn’t feel lonely at school because she was able to bring one of the photos I took with her. That melted my heart.

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The Kalara Family

Los Angeles Portrait Photographer


During New Years Eve, I had the chance to photograph Sunny and his family in their beautiful home. They were so energetic throughout the whole process; I don’t believe I’ve met a more energetic family!

To Sunny and family, thank you for allowing me into your home and take your holiday photos!

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The Brunsvold-Frazier Family

Los Angeles Family Portrait Photographer


Earlier this week, I met up with Jillian and her family, Adam and Josiah, at CalTech to do a family session. They were a great family to photograph (as you can tell from the photos!) and Josiah was such a cute little baby! Whenever he smiled, his cheeks would get so round and puffy – it was adorable!

Oddly enough, even though we started the session at 3pm, the sun started to disappear behind the buildings within fifteen minutes or so. Thankfully though, we were able to capture some sunset-backlit photos before it completely went down.

Thank you, Jillian, Adam and Josiah for allowing me to photograph your family’s holiday session. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

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