Newborn Reese

Los Angeles Newborn Photographer


It is always a pleasure photographing clients on more than one occasion. When I first photographed Randy and Jamie, it was for their backyard wedding ceremony and reception. Now, over a year later, I get to witness their family grow as they welcome a new addition: Reese.

I took some shots of her bedroom, and I love how it’s decorated! It’s very beach-themed, from the anchor shelf filled with animals and fishes, the pillow with the quote “What happens at the beach, stays at the beach”, and the seafoam color scheme (with splashes of pink accents, of course!). I would love to have had this as my baby room!

We took these photographs while Reese was only a few days old. She was a small baby, so cute and cuddly! Nothing could disturb her from sleeping, and when she did wake up for feeding time, she went back to sleep after a huge adorable yawn. I’m happy to have been her Los Angeles newborn photographer!

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One Month Old Trevor

Los Angeles Lifestyle Family Photographer


It was SO nice to once again photograph one of my first clients – Vanessa and her family. I photographed Brisa when she was only 6 months old, and then her first year’s birthday party. We met up once more in their Hermosa Beach home for a lifestyle family portrait session to welcome their newest family addition – Trevor!

During the session, Trevor was one month old. He had eyes of curiosity and loved looking at everyone. I’m particularly curious what he thought of when he stared into my big and ominous camera lens, haha. The rest of the family joined in on the session, first wearing all white while in the bedroom (loved this concept) and then moved into the family room with brighter clothes for a more fun feel.

It’s amazing how big Brisa is since the last time I saw her. Her mother, Vanessa, mentioned how Brisa normally hates being in front of the camera. Yet, she loved being in front of mine!

Brisa, darling, my camera loves you too 😉

Los Angeles Lifestyle Family Photographer


The Besmer Family

Los Angeles Lifestyle Family Photo Session


About a year ago, I met Veronica and her family for the first time as she had just welcomed a new addition to their family – a newborn baby girl named Joelle. Inside their home in Laurel Canyon, we photographed Joelle’s newborn photos, along with a lifestyle family session that included the rest of their children, Martin and Simona.

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing them again.

On a Saturday where Southern California was met with its largest storm since two years ago, I braved the heavy rain pour and drove on a fun and windy hill up to their fabulous home.  Unexpectedly, the little kids (currently age 5 and 4) recognized me! And not only that, they seemed to have had a massive change of heart because last year, they were so against having their photos taken by me that it was a miracle I even got any photos of them, and yet, there they were, excited to be in front of my camera.

I love photographing family lifestyle sessions, where the family members are photographed in their home, doing normal and daily activities. Like I mentioned in Veronica’s session, in a few years, everyone will look at these photos, notice what the kids are playing with, and reminisce about the memories that were once forgotten. In Veronica’s words: priceless!

Los Angeles Lifestyle Family Photo Session



Los Angeles Maternity Photography Session


Sam was due any day with her second child, a boy that is to be named Riot. She has never gotten her maternity photos done – for her first child and Riot-, and the clock was ticking to document her pregnancy journey. We had to do something quickly. When I mentioned that it might be a great idea to photograph her in her cozy Eagle Rock home as part of a lifestyle maternity session, she agreed!

We photographed Sam in a few settings throughout her home. The first setting is her lovely-lit bedroom that just gives gorgeous angelic light, and I love the intimate mood of these photos. The rest of her family joined in soon afterwards for a few interactive group photos, as the beginning of their welcome party for Riot.

I absolutely love these photos. For me, lifestyle photos taken in the home gives such an intimate slice-of-life feeling that can be cherished for years to come. If Sam’s family move to a different home, they’ll have these images to remember a period of their time where they lived their life then and there.

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Los Angeles Newborn Photographer


Newborn Joelle arrived just the day after April 1st. She was a tiny littlest thing, and definitely the quietest. As I tried to keep her peacefully asleep, the house was so full of commotion of her arrival that she ultimately woke up and stayed awake. Yet, she never cried. Joelle’s eyes blinked, fluttered, and peered with wonder at all of us that ogled her.

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