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Zoe’s 100 Day Celebration

Hotel Bel Air Event PhotographerlocationBEL AIR, CALIFORNIA

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing for Crystal and her family once again. The first time I met this family was when I photographed Max’s 2nd birthday party at MyGym. This time around, they were throwing a traditional Chinese 100-Day birthday brunch celebration for their adorable baby daughter Zoe at Hotel Bel-Air. I had never heard of this kind of event, and it was fun to have photographed it!

Prior to the event, the family and I quickly walked around the beautifully lush Hotel Bel-Air grounds to photograph some formal family shots. Afterwards, it was all party, haha. Towards the end of the celebration, guests were surprised with a performance by Chinese dragons! You’ll have to read on to get a glimpse of the action!

Hotel Bel Air Birthday Event Photographer


Max’s Second Birthday

Los Angeles Events Photographer


For Max’s second birthday, his parents decided to invite friends and family to celebrate at My Gym, a children’s fitness center that I seem to be seeing everywhere! Inside, there is a playground that I know I would have loved as a kid – slides, trampoline, ballpen, strings from the ceiling, roley-bally-thingy, and space to just run around with plenty of cushions for protection.

It was such an interactive party, and you can really tell how much fun the birthday boy was having. He was going 100mph through the obstacles, playing with everything in sight, and the other kids followed suit!

Los Angeles Events Photographer

Sanam’s Backyard Bridal Shower

Los Angeles Bridal Shower Photographer


In a wedding, there are so many milestones in and of itself. There’s the proposal, the wedding dress hunt, the wedding planning, the bachelor(ette) parties, etc. etc. And then there’s the bridal shower. The bridal shower, where the bridesmaids host a party in honor of the bride, is what I happen to photograph a couple of weeks ago for a sweetheart of a bride name Sanam.

Taking place in her mother’s home, who was also one of the hosts, this intimate bridal shower was decked out in beautiful floral bouquets, stringed lanterns, homemade food and a delectable cake made from their family-owned bakery!

As the event progressed, food was eaten, games were played, but little did Sanam know a surprise was waiting for her. In the middle of opening some beautifully wrapped presents, a knock on the door occurred. One of her bridesmaids opened it, and in waltz her fiancé! If Sanam’s face was smiling before, her face was just lighting up like a Christmas tree at that moment!

FEATURED ON : Showerbelle

Los Angeles Bridal Shower Photographer


Mateo’s First Birthday

One Year Birthday Party Photographer


One year ago, I photographed little Mateo being delivered into this world. Now, he’s all grown up! Celebrating his one year birthday with close friends and family members at a park in Monterey Park, Mateo dressed up in an adorable onesies with a bow-tie and a golfer’s hat – dapper as always!

There were more than family and friends at the birthday party, however, as members of Yo Gabba Gabba stopped by to wish Mateo a happy birthday as well! Everyone seemed to have had such a great time, especially when it came to hitting the piñatas for the candy rain to occur.

Mateo, thank you for having me as your one-year birthday photographer!

One Year Birthday Party Photographer


Swati and Nick



After getting married in paradise (is Hawaii anything else?) this past summer, Nick and Swati wanted to take their celebration to the next level – by having a backyard reception for friends and family who couldn’t make it overseas. It was an intimate gathering, taking place a Southern California fall evening. The neighborhood was pitch dark, with only the sprinkles of light from Nick and Swati’s celebrating lighting the air. Swati looked stunning in her her red and gold Indian attire. And Nick looked so handsome in his!

Congratulations, and wishes of everlasting love to the newlyweds! Thank you for having me as your events photographer!






The first time I saw Parker, he was only a few days old (see his newborn portrait session here!. I joked to his parents, Nicole and Jeremy, as I photographed his first year birthday party, that 1-year-old little Parker looks SO different than his newborn self, and they completely agreed!

The theme of the party, as you can probably tell when you scroll down, is car racing. I adore all the creative details of the event – traffic light brownies, doughnut spare tires, Chex Mix nuts and bolts. Even his presents mainly consisted of cars! Such a boy, haha. Yet, even though there were plenty of toys for the little guests to play with (especially cars), what became a huge hit was the pool of ice out in the balcony. Love it.

Happy birthday, little Parker!



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