Rachell and Jonathan’s Maternity Portraits in Malibu

dallas maternity portraits photographerLOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA

Among my group of close friends, Rachell and Jonathan are the first to get pregnant, and judging by these photos, parenthood looks really good on them! For the longest time, Rachell would tell me how much she wanted to start a family, and I’m so excited she finally got her wish.

We photographed their maternity portraits on a Malibu beach where the glow of the sunset just helped in radiating their inner glow in becoming parents. By the way, as of posting this blog post, they have given birth to their adorable daughter Arabella! I will be posting their newborn milk bath portraits very soon (I may have posted a couple of images already on instagram, hehe).

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Jeni’s Maternity Portraits

Los Angeles Maternity Portrait Photographer


At 34 weeks along in her pregnancy, I photographed the lovely Jeni (with a guest appearance by her husband Dave!) in and around her Marina Del Rey apartment. With a bedroom that had amazing natural light, we were able to capture some homely and laid-back shots that I absolutely love. And then the outdoor shots .. *heart*.

Thanks for having me as your maternity portrait photographer, Jeni! I am so lucky to have such wonderful and kind-hearted clients like you!

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Los Angeles Maternity Photography Session


Sam was due any day with her second child, a boy that is to be named Riot. She has never gotten her maternity photos done – for her first child and Riot-, and the clock was ticking to document her pregnancy journey. We had to do something quickly. When I mentioned that it might be a great idea to photograph her in her cozy Eagle Rock home as part of a lifestyle maternity session, she agreed!

We photographed Sam in a few settings throughout her home. The first setting is her lovely-lit bedroom that just gives gorgeous angelic light, and I love the intimate mood of these photos. The rest of her family joined in soon afterwards for a few interactive group photos, as the beginning of their welcome party for Riot.

I absolutely love these photos. For me, lifestyle photos taken in the home gives such an intimate slice-of-life feeling that can be cherished for years to come. If Sam’s family move to a different home, they’ll have these images to remember a period of their time where they lived their life then and there.

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Los Angeles Baby Shower Event Photographer


In my previous post, I highlighted some of my favorite shots from Lethy and Mark’s in-home maternity shoot. As we get closer to the due date of Mateo, this wonderfully orchestrated baby shower is put on with the theme ‘Little Man’, filled with moustaches and bow ties!

Los Angeles Baby Shower Event Photographer


Mariflor and Jeffrey



When Mariflor contacted me for a holiday session with her husband, Jeffrey, at Venice Beach, I was excited. But it wasn’t until we met up that I learned there was an addition to the family on the way! Since she is currently in her first trimester, Mariflor thought it would be a great idea to combine her holiday greetings with this big announcement, and I couldn’t agree more!

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