Quarternity Knits Lookbook

Los Angeles Knitwear Lookbook photographer

Two years ago, back when I first started my photography journey, I photographed Angelia of Quarternity Knit‘s collection of knitting patterns for various knitting publications. My, how time flies!

On a side street sidewalk of a quiet neighborhood, we met once again to photograph her latest knitting pattern lookbook, this time with the beautiful Bebe as our model. I will tell you, without a doubt, I knew nothing about knitting and crocheting prior to this photoshoot. I learned how to make a scarf back in the day but that’s about it. Being surrounded by three ladies that day that were so knowledgeable and engrossed in this craft was refreshing, and I ended up learning quite a bit about this foreign knitting world, and wow, they made themselves sound like an intense group of people! Haha.

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Los Angeles Portrait Photographer


During my trip to Yosemite (I’ve posted a couple of photos on the Facebook page!), my friend and I tried to take advantage of the beautiful cabin we stayed at as well as the outdoor nature with an impromptu portrait shoot. My friend Anna then ditched her hiking clothes and wore a gorgeous earthy-toned maxi dress.

I love how these photos turned out!

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Los Angeles Birthday Event Photographer


During the younger years of my life, I had a long lists of possible careers that interested me. I wanted to be a writer, an animator, a restaurant-owner, a cafe-owner, a librarian, a web-designer, and the list just keeps continuing. Let’s just say that so many things in the world interests me. But recently, I’ve obviously become more attuned to the more artistic careers.

However, as I stepped into this particular birthday party of Hunter’s, I began to remember an old dream of mine – to learn how to fly a plane and soar through the clouds. It seems that Hunter had the same dream.

Starting from the airplane balloons strapped to the porch all the way to the gorgeous biplane-topped cake, it was clear that Hunter and his family wanted to take his guests on a ride of a lifetime. As I met the little guy, it was also clear that he was not used to having so many guests staring at him and overtaking his backyard. Apprehensively, he walked around the party floor, greeting many guests with a confused look while holding his darling mother’s hand. But as the party progressed, shy Hunter became as calm and cool as his blue hawaiian shirt.

One of the reasons I love photographing kids birthday parties is because they’re usually decked out with such ridiculously awesome themes! View the photos below to see what I mean, and also to see my favorite photos from his birthday bash:

Los Angeles Birthday Event Photographer


Kaveer’s Malibu Birthday Party

Los Angeles Events Photographer


On a beach in Malibu, tucked away in an area known as ‘Paradise Cove’, lies Kaveer’s one year birthday party. It was held in a cabana, surrounded by a white picket fence with gorgeous green plants on one side, and the crashing waves on the other. The sun was just calming down as I arrived on the scene, and Kaveer’s guests, who had previously all been wearing sunhats, began to feel the freedom of having their hair be blown by the sweet breeze of the ocean.

Like many of us when we step foot onto the beach, Kaveer had a fascination with the sand. Whenever he wasn’t being carried off by a family member sporting a yellow outfit, he liked to spend his time on the sandy ground, exploring the wonders of the little gray particles. He also wondered constantly why so many eyes were upon him, smiling with contentment, as he studied the sand.

The yellow bow tie that Kaveer wore loosened as the party progressed. In that time frame, the sun was just setting, birthday candle flames had been blown out, and everyone had eaten either milk or burger. Needless to say, it was a smashing party.

Happy first birthday to Kaveer, who looked just ravishing in his yellow bow tie, fedora hat, and nautical striped shirt!

Los Angeles Events Photographer


Christina and Ronald’s Library Wedding

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer


During our initial meeting, I had the impression that Christina or Ronald weren’t very excited about their upcoming wedding. But boy, was I wrong! As the day of their wedding progressed, both Christina and Ronald were crying left and right, and emotions were flying sky high! Ah, the things we witness as a wedding photographer.

One of my personal favorite moments was when Christina read Ronald’s note as she was getting ready, which I find so romantic to do! Another was the Korean ritual of hitting the feet of the husband with a baseball bat at the end of the wedding (you’ll see this in action in the last image!)!!

Take a look at a few of my favorite photos from their big day below, set in Cerritos Library!

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer


Jamie and Randy’s Backyard Wedding

Los Angeles Backyard Wedding Photographer


Jamie and Randy had SUCH a chill wedding. One of the reasons for that is because they already got married late last year in Hawaii!- and they wanted to host another wedding in the Montrose area as some of their closest friends and family couldn’t make it the first time around. Even the priest (who wore sandals, btw! :D) commented on how Jamie and Randy were one of the most at-ease and relaxed couple he’s ever united, haha.

The ceremony was held in Holy Redeemer – St. James the Less Catholic church in Montrose. Afterwards, everyone went to Randy’s parents’ house for a laid-back backyard wedding reception. Their reception was filled with colorful paper lanterns, pretty patterned papers, and tacos!

Jamie and Randy, thank you for having me photograph your wedding!

Los Angeles Backyard Wedding Photographer


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