Christina and Ronald’s Library Wedding

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During our initial meeting, I had the impression that Christina or Ronald weren’t very excited about their upcoming wedding. But boy, was I wrong! As the day of their wedding progressed, both Christina and Ronald were crying left and right, and emotions were flying sky high! Ah, the things we witness as a wedding photographer.

One of my personal favorite moments was when Christina read Ronald’s note as she was getting ready, which I find so romantic to do! Another was the Korean ritual of hitting the feet of the husband with a baseball bat at the end of the wedding (you’ll see this in action in the last image!)!!

Take a look at a few of my favorite photos from their big day below, set in Cerritos Library!

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Jennifer’s Bridal Shower

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During the fall of last year, I had the pleasure of photographing Jennifer and Levik’s Vietnamese Engagement Party. It was a great experience, as I had never been to one before (view the link to see some of the photos!).

This time, however, Jennifer had a more Western event – a bridal shower! With an event filled with great food, fun games, dancing, an awesome bride, and a happy surprise, Jennifer’s bridal shower was so fun to photograph! View some of my favorite photos below:

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Jamie and Randy’s Backyard Wedding

Los Angeles Backyard Wedding Photographer


Jamie and Randy had SUCH a chill wedding. One of the reasons for that is because they already got married late last year in Hawaii!- and they wanted to host another wedding in the Montrose area as some of their closest friends and family couldn’t make it the first time around. Even the priest (who wore sandals, btw! :D) commented on how Jamie and Randy were one of the most at-ease and relaxed couple he’s ever united, haha.

The ceremony was held in Holy Redeemer – St. James the Less Catholic church in Montrose. Afterwards, everyone went to Randy’s parents’ house for a laid-back backyard wedding reception. Their reception was filled with colorful paper lanterns, pretty patterned papers, and tacos!

Jamie and Randy, thank you for having me photograph your wedding!

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Los Angeles Newborn Photographer


Newborn Joelle arrived just the day after April 1st. She was a tiny littlest thing, and definitely the quietest. As I tried to keep her peacefully asleep, the house was so full of commotion of her arrival that she ultimately woke up and stayed awake. Yet, she never cried. Joelle’s eyes blinked, fluttered, and peered with wonder at all of us that ogled her.

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Los Angeles Children's Portrait Photographer


I had the pleasure of meeting baby (and now toddler) Lorelai late last year for a family holiday photo session. But since then, her mother wanted more pictures, this time for Lorelai’s first birthday. And so came to fruitition a birthday cake smash in a local park! She dressed up in a cute pink frilly one-piece, and later in a tutu. I have a feeling that she loved her outfit so much, Lorelai didn’t want to ruin it by putting cake all over her outfit. I say this because she handled the cake so proper!- just dabbing the cake lightly with her fingers and eating with a pinkie up in the air. This cake smash was so fun to photograph!

Happy birthday, Lorelai!

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Los Angeles Birthday Photographer


Recently, Colin turned one years old and to celebrate, his parents, Drew and Deborah, threw him a dinosaur-themed party in the quiet Los Angeles County neighborhood of La Cañada. The party decorations looked adorably ferocious with balloons and dinosaur blow-up dolls neatly scattered throughout. Colin noticed them amicably, and when in the vicinity of one, would point to it and make those cute sounds that babies make. Oh, I love photographing babies!

And following the Korean tradition of turning one known as Doljanchi, Colin’s family gathered around the room to see what career path this little guy would take. He dressed up in a cute traditional Korean outfit, and picked up one of the object laid in front of him, which was a ruler.

Congratulations on turning one, Colin! Thank you for having me as your one-year birthday photographer!

Los Angeles Birthday Photographer

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