Alison and Tony

Los Angeles Wedding Photographerlocation TEMECULA, CALIFORNIA

The day before Alison and Tony’s vow renewal celebration, Southern California was met with a rainy and dreary day. I feared the worst, expecting that the ceremony would be doused in similar weather. However, that was not the case at all. As Alison and Tony’s intimate guests gathered on the lawn of Ponte Winery in Temecula, the blue sky was covered with spots of dramatic clouds. You couldn’t ask for better weather.

With that said, the rest of the celebration was equally as beautiful. After having been married for over two decades, Alison and Tony did something that I think is so romantic – they celebrated their marriage once more in front of close friends and family. This time, their three boys joined in the celebration!

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Hannah’s Malibu Winery Bridal Shower

Malibu winery bridal shower photographer


Remember that one day, some time last weekend, when the temperature was sky-rocket high?! I do, mainly because I was enjoying the hot outdoor weather at Hannah’s bridal shower, which took place at Malibu Wines, a vineyard in the canyons of Malibu. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves irregardless of the heat!

As the guests arrived, they were treated to a ‘Mad Hatter/Wonderland’ themed lunch, with little bowler hats and cute decor. Hannah, with her elegant white dress and diamond-shaped sky-blue earrings, has such a lovely character to her which you can tell with every smile she made (and she smiled a lot!).

View some of my favorite photos from her Malibu winery bridal shower below!

Malibu winery bridal shower photographer



Los Angeles Newborn Photographer


Newborn Joelle arrived just the day after April 1st. She was a tiny littlest thing, and definitely the quietest. As I tried to keep her peacefully asleep, the house was so full of commotion of her arrival that she ultimately woke up and stayed awake. Yet, she never cried. Joelle’s eyes blinked, fluttered, and peered with wonder at all of us that ogled her.

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Los Angeles Children's Portrait Photographer


I had the pleasure of meeting baby (and now toddler) Lorelai late last year for a family holiday photo session. But since then, her mother wanted more pictures, this time for Lorelai’s first birthday. And so came to fruitition a birthday cake smash in a local park! She dressed up in a cute pink frilly one-piece, and later in a tutu. I have a feeling that she loved her outfit so much, Lorelai didn’t want to ruin it by putting cake all over her outfit. I say this because she handled the cake so proper!- just dabbing the cake lightly with her fingers and eating with a pinkie up in the air. This cake smash was so fun to photograph!

Happy birthday, Lorelai!

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Carla and Andrew

Los Angeles Couples Engagement Portrait Photographer


If you’ve ever seen any high school movies, you’ll know that transferring to a new high school is not the easiest thing to do. Unknown territory. And the best way to overcome that obstacle is if you knew someone from that school.

When Andrew was faced with going to a new school during his Junior year in high school, he did just that. He sought out a friend that would guide him, which is where Carla came in. What she didn’t know was that it was all a pick-up line.

Oh Andrew – you, sly, you!

Now, after six years together and being true high school sweethearts, Andrew and Carla are preparing for the next milestone in their life. They’re engaged! Oh, I had so much fun photographing their engagement and I can’t wait to document your wedding later this year!

Los Angeles Couples Engagement Portrait Photographer


Tynesha and Eddie

Hermosa Beach Engagement Photographer


A minute after meeting up with Tynesha and Eddie for an engagement session at Hermosa Beach, I could already feel the chemistry. They bantered constantly and frivolously, which clearly made for great photos! I love going to the beach on weekdays, of all the days. The beaches are quiet and private for the most part, leaving this happily engaged couple to cuddle in their own lovely world. Especially in Los Angeles, where there is an abundance amount of people, it’s amazing how going on a weekday versus a weekend changes the ambient of the beach so drastically!

Tynesha and Eddie, I can’t wait to photograph your wedding!

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