Jeni’s Maternity Portraits

Los Angeles Maternity Portrait Photographer


At 34 weeks along in her pregnancy, I photographed the lovely Jeni (with a guest appearance by her husband Dave!) in and around her Marina Del Rey apartment. With a bedroom that had amazing natural light, we were able to capture some homely and laid-back shots that I absolutely love. And then the outdoor shots .. *heart*.

Thanks for having me as your maternity portrait photographer, Jeni! I am so lucky to have such wonderful and kind-hearted clients like you!

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Eliotte and Ryan Beach Engagement Portraits

Malibu Engagement PhotographerlocationMALIBU, CALIFORNIA

I absolutely love laid-back clients, and Ryan and Eliotte were as laid-back as you can get! These two met when they were in college. Ryan had signed up for a fundraising event in which he and his teammates had to perform a dance, and lo and behold, Eliotte was the dance coordinator. You would think that this story follows as is: Ryan outshined the rest of his teammates and won Eliotte’s hearts through his sly dance moves. Instead, he admitted that he often skipped the lessons and only till the performance day did he and Eliotte actually meet!

It quickly became apparent why these two make a great couple. Throughout the whole session, they could not stop smiling and laughing. Even when I was at the top of the cliff and photographing down at them from afar, I could hear them laughing away, haha.

Malibu Engagement Photographer


Wendy and Wilson’s Secret Garden

Los Angeles Bridal Portrait Photographer


Wendy and I have been emailing back and forth since early this year because she wanted to have additional bridal portraits of her and her husband, on top of their wedding day portraits by another photographer. She envisioned a different backdrop from those of her wedding day, and was eager to be surrounded in a forest setting while wearing her bridal gown.

Normally on a wedding day, bridal portraits only make up at most 45 minutes. Sometimes, when schedules go awry, this part of the day can get as little as 15 minutes. But on that day, Wendy and Wilson got 2 hours, and this meant we could explore and indulge in all that the location had to offer without having to rush through anything.

During the shoot, I had such a blast photographing Wendy and her husband Wilson, who is also interested in photography, for their Los Angeles bridal portraits. I am so happy to have such amazing clients!

Los Angeles Bridal Portrait Photographer


One Month Old Trevor

Los Angeles Lifestyle Family Photographer


It was SO nice to once again photograph one of my first clients – Vanessa and her family. I photographed Brisa when she was only 6 months old, and then her first year’s birthday party. We met up once more in their Hermosa Beach home for a lifestyle family portrait session to welcome their newest family addition – Trevor!

During the session, Trevor was one month old. He had eyes of curiosity and loved looking at everyone. I’m particularly curious what he thought of when he stared into my big and ominous camera lens, haha. The rest of the family joined in on the session, first wearing all white while in the bedroom (loved this concept) and then moved into the family room with brighter clothes for a more fun feel.

It’s amazing how big Brisa is since the last time I saw her. Her mother, Vanessa, mentioned how Brisa normally hates being in front of the camera. Yet, she loved being in front of mine!

Brisa, darling, my camera loves you too 😉

Los Angeles Lifestyle Family Photographer


The Behnken Family

Los Angeles Lifestyle Family Photographer


Not many people know that there is an alternative way to photograph your family aside from the traditional way (heading out to a great location and taking happy photos), and one of them is the ‘Day in the Life’ documentary-style photos. How this style is different from traditional family portraits is that instead of directing my clients into poses, I am a fly on the wall as the family goes about their normal daily lives, and let the emotions and reactions of the family members unfold itself naturally.

I began photographing this family on an early Sunday morning. The streets were quiet and peaceful, and the Behnken household began to stir, starting with little Sterling. With as much energy that she could muster up, Katherine led him to the backyard, away from his sleeping dad. As the day progressed, everyone enjoyed a fresh breakfast on their front lawn, followed by something they were super excited about – setting up the net for their trampoline! Of course, this was a father-son activity, and Sterling was more than happy to help his dad, Lukas. Soon after, everyone enjoyed the fruits of their labor with some (safe) trampoline fun!

Then, I followed them on a grocery trip where the four things on their ‘to-buy’ list ended in a full cart. Oh, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does this, haha. As we explored the grocery store, Sterling followed his parent’s footsteps and helped pick out some of his favorite foods to take home.

Once we head back to their Pasadena home, Lukas asked if I would be interested in photographing them while he cuts Sterling’s hair into a mohawk. Um… YES?! By that time, it was roughly noon, which is normally when Sterling takes his day nap. The energy that he had in the beginning of the day began to falter as Lukas started snip-snipping away Sterling’s precious blond hair in their backyard patio, and Katherine had to keep the little guy entertained in the meanwhile.

In the end, the haircut didn’t get finished as Sterling’s patience had reached its limits. I couldn’t fault him for that; they’ve had such a busy morning!

And so, with his hair turned into a partial mohawk, Sterling called it a day and entered into the realm where dreams run amuck.

Los Angeles Lifestyle Family Photographer


Jen and Jim’s Beach Engagement

Los Angeles Engagement Photographer


When I met Jen and Jim for their engagement session, they had just landed in Los Angeles a mere few hours prior. You see, they’re from Sacramento, and the day after their engagement session is actually their wedding day! This is an unusual circumstance to have an engagement session so close to the wedding day, mainly because many couples use these images for their ‘save the date’ or announcement of their wedding.

However, I am so happy we were still able to do Jim and Jen’s engagement session irregardless of dates. One of the reasons is because during this session, it allows the clients and I to get familiarized with each other so that, on the day of the wedding, they are comfortable and relaxed enough with me to let me in their personal space.

Photographing Jen and Jim for this session was a blast. They were so cute together! Because their wedding would be a beach wedding, they wanted their engagement photos to be on the beach as well. In one of the photos, you can see Shutters on the Beach in the background, which is where they’ll be having their reception on their wedding day. You can see Santa Monica Pier in the distance in some of these images as well, and I absolutely love them!

Los Angeles Engagement Photographer


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