Los Angeles Bridal Portrait Photographer


Wendy and I have been emailing back and forth since early this year because she wanted to have additional bridal portraits of her and her husband, on top of their wedding day portraits by another photographer. She envisioned a different backdrop from those of her wedding day, and was eager to be surrounded in a forest setting while wearing her bridal gown.

Normally on a wedding day, bridal portraits only make up at most 45 minutes. Sometimes, when schedules go awry, this part of the day can get as little as 15 minutes. But on that day, Wendy and Wilson got 2 hours, and this meant we could explore and indulge in all that the location had to offer without having to rush through anything.

During the shoot, I had such a blast photographing Wendy and her husband Wilson, who is also interested in photography, for their Los Angeles bridal portraits. I am so happy to have such amazing clients!

Los Angeles Bridal Portrait Photographer