April 22, 2014



Spring is in full bloom in Los Angeles! Pretty flowers are popping up left and right, which just brings great joy for me. I love colorful trees because you just don’t see it everyday and it breaks the routine of seeing trees with green leaves that we are used to. And really, who ever got grumpy from seeing colorful trees against a pretty blue sky?


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Sara and Paul

April 17, 2014




Something that I’ve always loved about shooting on-location instead of in a studio is that I get to visit new and unexplored locations! I totally love it when clients pick a location that I’ve never been to! In this case, Sara and Paul wanted their engagement photos to be in a hip street in Venice called ‘Abbot Kinney’ that’s filled with boutiques and earthy restaurants.

We visited a couple of places, including a pizza place called Gjelina and a coffee shop named Intelligensiaand then roamed the somewhat hidden Venice Canal.

Sara and Paul were such a cute couple to photograph! Paul admitted he thinks he’s horrible in photos, but my gosh, he did so well! And Sara was so fearless when I asked them to go where no human really wants to go – near spiders!

I’m so looking forward to photographing your wedding this fall!

Los Angeles Venice Canal Engagement Session
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April 11, 2014

Los Angeles Birthday Events Photographer


During a clear and bright day in Southern California, a little girl name Perry celebrated her 1 year birthday. It was a celebration that graduated her from the year of being a baby into her next stage in life – being a toddler.

The birthday celebration took place in her backyard that overlooked the Pasadena neighborhood. Perry was dressed in a cute floral outfit as she enjoyed the party, until it was time for business. In the Korean tradition, when a baby turns one, they ‘choose their future’, meaning they are placed on a mat with several objects in front of them, each symbolizing a different career. Perry, now in her adorable traditional Korean dress, crawled towards the ruler.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, a future architect!

Los Angeles Birthday Events Photographer

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Greg and Katie

April 3, 2014

Santa Barbara City Hall Wedding PhotographerlocationSANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA

I have never been to Santa Barbara before Greg and Katie’s wedding, and I am embarrassed to say that. The city is gorgeous! On the day of their wedding, the sky was the perfect shade of blue, the breeze was nice and relaxing, and my bride and groom just made the city that much better.

Greg and Katie held their wedding ceremony at the Santa Barbara Courthouse Mural Room, which is a beautiful painted room within an already beautiful courthouse full of arches, mosaics, and colors. With a guest list of only immediate relatives and close friends, the lovely couple was wedded.

The reception was taken a couple of blocks down, in a cozy pizzaria called Olio. I felt like I was seriously in Italy in that restaurant! And just like the old saying, ‘a family that eats together, stays together,’ all the guests sat together in one big table, enjoying each other’s company in celebration of the new family that has been formed.

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April 2014 Desktop Calendar

April 1, 2014


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Instead of having my beloved travel photos be something that collects digital dust, I thought I’d try to put them to good use by providing you guys free desktop calendar wallpaper downloads for every month ^_^

This month’s calendar comes from Yosemite National Park where the trees are lush and the streams a-streamin’.

Hope you like it! I post new calendar downloads at the first of every month.

The Besmer Family

March 31, 2014

Los Angeles Lifestyle Family Photo Session


About a year ago, I met Veronica and her family for the first time as she had just welcomed a new addition to their family – a newborn baby girl named Joelle. Inside their home in Laurel Canyon, we photographed Joelle’s newborn photos, along with a lifestyle family session that included the rest of their children, Martin and Simona.

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing them again.

On a Saturday where Southern California was met with its largest storm since two years ago, I braved the heavy rain pour and drove on a fun and windy hill up to their fabulous home.  Unexpectedly, the little kids (currently age 5 and 4) recognized me! And not only that, they seemed to have had a massive change of heart because last year, they were so against having their photos taken by me that it was a miracle I even got any photos of them, and yet, there they were, excited to be in front of my camera.

I love photographing family lifestyle sessions, where the family members are photographed in their home, doing normal and daily activities. Like I mentioned in Veronica’s session, in a few years, everyone will look at these photos, notice what the kids are playing with, and reminisce about the memories that were once forgotten. In Veronica’s words: priceless!

Los Angeles Lifestyle Family Photo Session

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