Miss S Boudoir Session

Miss S came into my studio, nervous, but with a gung-ho spirit to show herself in a different light. It’s not everyday that we ladies bare ourselves in front of the camera for boudoir photos, and I wanted to make sure that everyone that comes in front of my camera is relaxed and comfortable. So we put on some music, put on the heater (or in this case, the air conditioner, as it was the middle of summer), and chatted about girls stuff.

My boudoir sessions are not risqué. They’re more flirty and, I’d like to think, authentic. As if you’d just woken up on a Sunday morning with your loved one next to you.


Mrs. T’s Boudoir Portraits

Fort Worth Boudoir


If you’ve been with me long enough, you’ll remember a time where I experimented with boudoir which, when I look back, was five years ago! My, how time flies. I had rented a hotel room, but it was hard for me to find one that had all the qualities I wanted. Plus, logistically, it was a lot to handle. So, I attempted to rent a little space in Downtown LA, and for one reason or another, that didn’t work out either. My dream of continuing boudoir sessions quietly simmered down.

But it stayed in the back of my mind.

As we started house hunting in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, one thing that I wanted on my must-have list was a studio space. It didn’t have to be big, but it needed the kind of natural light that would make my clients glow.

I’m very excited to say that I now have that space.

Mrs. T was the first person to be photographed there, and may I just say, she was an absolute dream to shoot! And all the clothes and accessories? They’re part of what I call The Studio Closet, which means they’re available for use when you come on in. At this introductory stage, the closet is very small, haha, so I highly recommend that you bring your own lingerie and accessories. But I am so excited to fill it with garments of all sizes.

Anyway, without further ado, I invite you to read on to the rest of the post!

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