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Something that I get asked quite frequently, and for good reason, is the story behind the name Paper Ban Photography. You see, in my younger days, I did everything pretty much digitally, specifically writing, drawing, and photography. I thought that was the way things should be done as it was more efficiently, and really, I spent a lot of time in front of the computer so it just made sense to just get rid of paper.

Somewhere since then and now, my perspective on the matter changed.

When I first printed one of my travel photos from a professional printing lab, I was honestly in awe of the print. So much more than when I was viewing it on my computer screen. Feeling the texture and the weight of the print in my hand, seeing the vibrant colors jump out of the paper, and finally seeing it hung on my wall was a beautiful feeling. And now, instead of having to hunt down that image in the many folders that I have on my computer, and scrolling through rows and rows of images, I can just look up onto my wall and remember a time and place where the world was pure bliss.

I know that we are in full-speed into this digital age with print magazines dying out and e-books on the rise. But there seems to be a push back onto bringing print into our lives. I believe that print will never die out completely as there is just something magical about holding a tangible item in one’s hand.

One thing is for sure – having things on paper has been around for such a long time and it will continue to be around but technology is constantly changing. Popular were the days of vinyl records, cassettes, and PalmPilots. As the generation gap increases, the youngsters of the world will become less and less familiar with such things and the information stored in those technologies will disappear altogether.

My point is, there is much uncertainty regarding what will happen to your digital images years down the line. What will you do when your grandchildren or great-grandchildren ask about your younger years?

My suggestion: get those photos printed! If not for you, then for your family for generations to come.

tl;dr – the name Paper Ban Photography is now ironic because paper is awesome!

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Quarternity Knits Lookbook

Los Angeles Knitwear Lookbook photographer

Two years ago, back when I first started my photography journey, I photographed Angelia of Quarternity Knit‘s collection of knitting patterns for various knitting publications. My, how time flies!

On a side street sidewalk of a quiet neighborhood, we met once again to photograph her latest knitting pattern lookbook, this time with the beautiful Bebe as our model. I will tell you, without a doubt, I knew nothing about knitting and crocheting prior to this photoshoot. I learned how to make a scarf back in the day but that’s about it. Being surrounded by three ladies that day that were so knowledgeable and engrossed in this craft was refreshing, and I ended up learning quite a bit about this foreign knitting world, and wow, they made themselves sound like an intense group of people! Haha.

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Spring is in full bloom in Los Angeles! Pretty flowers are popping up left and right, which just brings great joy for me. I love colorful trees because you just don’t see it everyday and it breaks the routine of seeing trees with green leaves that we are used to. And really, who ever got grumpy from seeing colorful trees against a pretty blue sky?



Disneyland – Travel Photo Diary

PaperBanPhotography_Disneyland_01locationTHE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH, CALIFORNIA

Disneyland is a place I can appreciate… when taken in slowly. I’ve been here during Christmas twice and it was not the best experience. Long long lines, overcrowding, and cold weather. Yikes. The best thing about going during the holidays is the holiday decorations, though.

But anyway, what I’ve learned when going to Disneyland is to take my time and not stress about how many rides I can fit in one trip. In previous trips, I am nearly always in a line, waiting to get on rides that are too short for what they’re worth, that I don’t get the chance to take those quintessential Disneyland photos that I’ve always wanted.

On a previous Disneyland trips, I brought all my lenses and my best camera. What resulted was a very tired shoulder from lugging everything around all day, and a lost lens (ironically while we were trying to find Nemo in a submarine ride). So this time, I wanted to only bring one lens. But not just any lens. I wanted to try a lens that I’ve been drooling over for the longest time – Lensbaby Edge 80, a tilt shift lens that is just too much of a novelty lens for me to really consider a full purchase. But a rental, I can do.

Continue reading to view more photos from Disneyland!

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Phoenix, Arizona (and the lessons I’ve learned) – Travel Photo Diary

Los Angeles Travel PhotographerlocationPHOENIX, ARIZONA

Earlier this month, I attended my first industry convention in Pheonix, Arizona. It was such a great experience and I was glad to have made that last minute decision to drive solo for six hours for the event!

In the three days that spanned the expo, here are some things that I’ve learned after being surrounded by 10,000 fellow photographers and listening to great industry leaders:

1. Things happen for a reason. Out of ten thousand people, I sat in a table with four other people during the Opening Ceremony dinner. I didn’t talk much, as I can be quite the shy person. Coincidentally the next morning, I bumped into one of the photographers from that table in my hostel’s dining area! There were only four photographers staying in the hostel and I ran into someone from my dinner table. Fate, I tell ya. By the way, her name is Tamara and she runs Thirty-Three Photography, based in New York!

Another crazy coincidental thing was that after being closed for a year for renovations, the popular Camelback Mountain became open to hikers on the last day that I was in Phoenix! Lucky, or what!

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Zion + Bryce + Death Valley – Travel Photo Diary

Zion Travel Photo Diarieslocation


My boyfriend Joseph loves to travel. Most of the time, he travels out of the country by himself. But when he travels in the States, I usually come along, hehe. Last summer, he announced our plans for the upcoming holiday to be in Zion National Park, in Utah, and ever since then, I had been counting the days till we would arrive there.

After a six hour car ride, we finally made it!

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