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Rachell and Jonathan’s Maternity Portraits in Malibu

dallas maternity portraits photographerLOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA

Among my group of close friends, Rachell and Jonathan are the first to get pregnant, and judging by these photos, parenthood looks really good on them! For the longest time, Rachell would tell me how much she wanted to start a family, and I’m so excited she finally got her wish.

We photographed their maternity portraits on a Malibu beach where the glow of the sunset just helped in radiating their inner glow in becoming parents. By the way, as of posting this blog post, they have given birth to their adorable daughter Arabella! I will be posting their newborn milk bath portraits very soon (I may have posted a couple of images already on instagram, hehe).

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Rakhi and Anjun’s Outdoor Maternity Portraits

Los Angeles Outdoor Maternity Portrait PhotographerLOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA

Rakhi and Anjun are expecting their first baby, and we all know the baby is going to be so cute! We spent the session wandering around the park, and although the park has some amazing backdrops, these parents-to-be make them look even better, don’t you think!? Rakhi sure has the mommy glow going on! I love that she wore a flowy outerwear that we were able to incorporate into the shoot to add some romantic dramatization. It was such an honor to be their Los Angeles outdoor maternity portrait photographer!

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