Andrea’s ‘Fifty and Free’ Birthday

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There are several holidays throughout the year that I am a fan of. Halloween is not one of them. On that day, I am in the minority. No, I won’t be watching horror (too much of a whimp). No, I won’t be dressed up somewhere (too scared to go outside). On most halloweens (or basically all after 2006) you can find me sitting at home, browsing the interwebs in my pajamas. But this past Halloween, things were shaken up a bit.

Because on that day, Andrea was having her ‘Fifty and Free’ party to celebrate her fiftieth birthday event to which I was asked to photograph. Let’s see, look at cat pictures all night or have fun at Andrea’s celebration… hmmmmmm. ;D

Andrea’s milestone party was done by the talented event planner DeNeitra at Savvy Events. With a color scheme of the orange spectrum, the ballroom at Knollwood Country Club was decked out with sweets and treats, lounges that gave the vibe of a nightclub, a fun photobooth with instant-film polaroids, and the proud words ‘Fifty and Free’.

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Ava’s First Birthday



When I first started Paper Ban Photography a couple of years ago, one of my first wedding clients was Jackie and Jim. They were such a nice couple, and I am honored for them to ask me to photograph their daughter Ava’s first birthday.

For Ava’s dol celebration, the family held a party at X-Lanes Bowling in Little Tokyo. To see little kids bowling and getting SO excited about hitting the pins was so adorable! Their eyes would get so big in anticipation as they released their bowling balls onto the steel-roley-thing. Ava, being only one, couldn’t really participate in the funness of bowling, but she was happily hugged and kissed by just about everyone!

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Mateo’s First Birthday

One Year Birthday Party Photographer


One year ago, I photographed little Mateo being delivered into this world. Now, he’s all grown up! Celebrating his one year birthday with close friends and family members at a park in Monterey Park, Mateo dressed up in an adorable onesies with a bow-tie and a golfer’s hat – dapper as always!

There were more than family and friends at the birthday party, however, as members of Yo Gabba Gabba stopped by to wish Mateo a happy birthday as well! Everyone seemed to have had such a great time, especially when it came to hitting the piñatas for the candy rain to occur.

Mateo, thank you for having me as your one-year birthday photographer!

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During a clear and bright day in Southern California, a little girl name Perry celebrated her 1 year birthday. It was a celebration that graduated her from the year of being a baby into her next stage in life – being a toddler.

The birthday celebration took place in her backyard that overlooked the Pasadena neighborhood. Perry was dressed in a cute floral outfit as she enjoyed the party, until it was time for business. In the Korean tradition, when a baby turns one, they ‘choose their future’, meaning they are placed on a mat with several objects in front of them, each symbolizing a different career. Perry, now in her adorable traditional Korean dress, crawled towards the ruler.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, a future architect! Thank you, Perry, for having me as your one-year birthday photographer!

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One afternoon, up in the hills of Hollywood, Mila’s first birthday party happened, and in such a fashion. With pink balloons hanging off the balcony, her own lemonade stand, face-painting and entertainment, and such a wide variety of delicious hors d’oeuvres, this wasthe place to be for all the little ones in the area.

Happy birthday, Little Mila!




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During the younger years of my life, I had a long lists of possible careers that interested me. I wanted to be a writer, an animator, a restaurant-owner, a cafe-owner, a librarian, a web-designer, and the list just keeps continuing. Let’s just say that so many things in the world interests me. But recently, I’ve obviously become more attuned to the more artistic careers.

However, as I stepped into this particular birthday party of Hunter’s, I began to remember an old dream of mine – to learn how to fly a plane and soar through the clouds. It seems that Hunter had the same dream.

Starting from the airplane balloons strapped to the porch all the way to the gorgeous biplane-topped cake, it was clear that Hunter and his family wanted to take his guests on a ride of a lifetime. As I met the little guy, it was also clear that he was not used to having so many guests staring at him and overtaking his backyard. Apprehensively, he walked around the party floor, greeting many guests with a confused look while holding his darling mother’s hand. But as the party progressed, shy Hunter became as calm and cool as his blue hawaiian shirt.

One of the reasons I love photographing kids birthday parties is because they’re usually decked out with such ridiculously awesome themes! View the photos below to see what I mean, and also to see my favorite photos from his birthday bash:

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