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Carly’s Home Family Portraits Session

Dallas Family Portrait Photographer

It’s always a pleasure meeting new families and having the honor of documenting a new milestone in their lives. This time around, I got to meet Carly, Joe, and Zuly (how cute of a name is that?!), along with their adorable and energetic dog Ceasar. There was a lot happening in their lives. First, they had just bought their first home, and they wanted to document the space before officially moving in. Second, Zuly was about to have a new sibling!

Carly was adamant that, to be fair to both the kids, she didn’t want any individual maternity portraits because she missed doing those with Zuly. But after coaxing her just a bit, we took a few towards the end just in case. Trust me, it’s better to do them than regret to not do any photos at all! I love doing home family sessions and this one was no exception.

Dallas Family Portrait Photographer


The K Family

Los Angeles family photographer


End of the year family portraits are always fun to photograph, as it documents a small milestone through the progression of life. I had the pleasure of photographing the K family recently in their beautiful home on a Los Angeles hillside. With two kids running around and showing me their world, it was easy to capture the essence of their childhood. They ran around, collecting leaves, showed me their stuffed animals collection, played with their bikes and their scooters. And when the kids started reading with their parents – it’s so cute!

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