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Jamie’s Maternity Portraits at KidSpace Children’s Museum

Pasadena Family Photographer


It blows my mind when I realize just how fast time flies. Believe it or not, Jamie and Randy were one of my very first wedding clients back when I first started Paper Ban Photography. They originally had a wedding in Hawaii and I had the honor of photographing their second wedding in Los Angeles for those who couldn’t make it to the islands. Then, after photographing the maternity session for their first child, the newborn portraits for their daughter Reese, and then her first birthday party on Halloween, we met up once again for their second maternity portraits.

Seeing how big Reese has gotten since the last time I saw her was also a ‘pinch me’ moment on how precious time is! Time seriously goes by SO fast!

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Ferrara Family

Los Angeles Family Photographer


Four years ago, I photographed little Austin for his first birthday. He was so tiny! And now, seeing him for a portrait session just before the holidays, he’s all grown up, and has two other siblings! It was fun seeing the family once again for a portrait session, and I look forward to seeing them in the future.

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The K Family

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End of the year family portraits are always fun to photograph, as it documents a small milestone through the progression of life. I had the pleasure of photographing the K family recently in their beautiful home on a Los Angeles hillside. With two kids running around and showing me their world, it was easy to capture the essence of their childhood. They ran around, collecting leaves, showed me their stuffed animals collection, played with their bikes and their scooters. And when the kids started reading with their parents – it’s so cute!

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Teddy’s First Year Portraits

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It was an honor for Nate and Marissa to have asked me to document their wedding at the Wilshire Restaurant. And now, I am way beyond honored to have been asked to photograph their son, Teddy, for his first year portraits, ESPECIALLY since they live in San Francisco! I never get tired of saying this, but I feel so lucky to have the most awesome people to photograph!

It’s been a couple of years since I saw them last, and I have to say that parenthood definitely suits them. Teddy is SUCH an adorable baby (or should I say toddler) to work with. He was so calm throughout the whole process and just enjoyed being a baby, which meant playing with bubbles, going down slides, and eating some cold and refreshing ice cream!

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