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The biggest compliment I can get as a photographer is being hired multiple times to photograph a client. Over the course of starting Paper Ban Photography, (I believe it’s been just over three years now!), I’ve had the chance to photograph Joelle’s newborn photos and her first year with her family, and now again, as she is two years old, smiling and running around with her brother and sister.

It’s crazy that the little ones still remember me when I showed up! They were excited to see me and wanted me to take photos of them playing and jumping, and being on top of their playhouse, haha. Simona, the older sister, came up to me and said that she didn’t feel lonely at school because she was able to bring one of the photos I took with her. That melted my heart.

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Ethan and Ella’s Joint Birthday

Los Angeles Birthday Photographer


It’s always a pleasure to photograph a client through more than one life milestone. The first time I photographed this family was when Ethan had his first birthday two years ago. Then, his mother’s maternity portraits the year after. And now – I can’t believe how time has passed – it’s Ethan’s 3rd birthday and Ella’s 1st birthday joint party!

Their birthday bash was at the indoor playground Kids Ahoy! and they had the cutest theme of the sea. Both Ella and Ethan were met with many hugs and kisses by the adults, and many friends to play with. Adorably, one of Ella’s baby friends dressed exactly the same as her without intending to, from the flamingo dress to the metallic fringe shoes (photo below)!

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Josephine’s Dohl Celebration

Los Angeles Korean Birthday Photographer


Josephine is such an adorable little girl! When she had her dohl birthday party to celebrate turning one, she wore a cute blush-colored sparkly princess dress that matched her big sister. I love when sibling’s outfits match!

The family held Josephine’s birthday party at her grandmother’s Korean restaurant in Koreatown called Yongsusan. There were many little ones running around, enjoying the festivities and playing with the birthday girl, who was just full of smiles!

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Roman’s 3rd Birthday

Los Angeles Kids Birthday PhotographerlocationENCINO, CALIFORNIA

A few weeks ago, Roman had his 3rd year birthday bash at Kidz Korner in Encino. All of the kids had a blast there! Even the adults joined in on the fun and let loose their inner youth, haha. There were so many things that had everyone jumping for joy like the rollercoaster cars, basketball hoops, arcade games, obstacle course, among other things.

Roman was totally into the obstacle course / jungle gym hybrid thingy, and he was so much fun to photograph as he ran and played with just about everything!

Los Angeles Kids Birthday Photographer

Newborn Reese

Los Angeles Newborn Photographer


It is always a pleasure photographing clients on more than one occasion. When I first photographed Randy and Jamie, it was for their backyard wedding ceremony and reception. Now, over a year later, I get to witness their family grow as they welcome a new addition: Reese.

I took some shots of her bedroom, and I love how it’s decorated! It’s very beach-themed, from the anchor shelf filled with animals and fishes, the pillow with the quote “What happens at the beach, stays at the beach”, and the seafoam color scheme (with splashes of pink accents, of course!). I would love to have had this as my baby room!

We took these photographs while Reese was only a few days old. She was a small baby, so cute and cuddly! Nothing could disturb her from sleeping, and when she did wake up for feeding time, she went back to sleep after a huge adorable yawn. I’m happy to have been her Los Angeles newborn photographer!

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One Month Old Trevor

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It was SO nice to once again photograph one of my first clients – Vanessa and her family. I photographed Brisa when she was only 6 months old, and then her first year’s birthday party. We met up once more in their Hermosa Beach home for a lifestyle family portrait session to welcome their newest family addition – Trevor!

During the session, Trevor was one month old. He had eyes of curiosity and loved looking at everyone. I’m particularly curious what he thought of when he stared into my big and ominous camera lens, haha. The rest of the family joined in on the session, first wearing all white while in the bedroom (loved this concept) and then moved into the family room with brighter clothes for a more fun feel.

It’s amazing how big Brisa is since the last time I saw her. Her mother, Vanessa, mentioned how Brisa normally hates being in front of the camera. Yet, she loved being in front of mine!

Brisa, darling, my camera loves you too 😉

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