PaperBanPhotography_SanDiegoEngagement_KarinaMisa_004locationJULIAN, CALIFORNIA

It’s a beautiful thing when a friendship blossoms into an intimate relationship, which is what happened with the lovely Karina and her beau Misa. From spending a few hours with them while photographing their engagement session, I can say that their relationship is funny, quirky, dorky, and lovable, and it was a real treat to capture the affections they have for each other.

It’s strange to think that at one point in life, Karina and I were once high school classmates and had the same history class together. Or that, through a mutual friend, we ended up attending a Japanese pop concert in Los Angeles together. Or, even stranger, Misa and I went to the same middle school! And soon, years later, I will get the honor of capturing their wedding. I can’t wait!


PaperBanPhotography_SanDiegoEngagement_KarinaMisa_003 PaperBanPhotography_SanDiegoEngagement_KarinaMisa_005 PaperBanPhotography_SanDiegoEngagement_KarinaMisa_006 PaperBanPhotography_SanDiegoEngagement_KarinaMisa_007 PaperBanPhotography_SanDiegoEngagement_KarinaMisa_008 PaperBanPhotography_SanDiegoEngagement_KarinaMisa_010 PaperBanPhotography_SanDiegoEngagement_KarinaMisa_011 PaperBanPhotography_SanDiegoEngagement_KarinaMisa_012If you’re in need of a couples or engagement portrait photographer, let’s get in touch!

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